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Finding a bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case that is both functional and protective can be a tricky task, not because there are no good products on the market, but more because there are just so many of them to choose from. Luckily, I've already been through the hassle of trawling through blackberry product pages and decided to fill you in on the bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case I ended up buying and whether it's worth your cash.

I decided that I wanted a iPad 5 keyboard case after trying to type fluently on the train to work. I'd usually just write out a few quick emails and maybe get some notes down on the Pages app for any meetings I had planned, but I was having difficulty with the touchscreen. Now, it's not that the touchscreen keyboard is bad, but more the fact that it just cannot keep up with faster typing. I always seemed to end up making silly spelling errors or being left with a bunch of auto-corrections, forcing me to go through and proof read every text I wrote.

On top of that, since I was taking the train, my briefcase was inevitably being bumped and knocked around along the way, so I needed an iPad 5 keyboard case that could take the abuse and keep my investment safe and scratch free. I didn't just want a leather iPad 5 case either, despite their popularity. I wanted a case that would ensure the well-being of my iPad 5, regardless of how bumpy my commute to work was.

So, with these factors in mind, I finally came across the perfect solution to all of them. The iPadmini2case bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case for the iPad 5 is the perfect combination of functionality and durability, offering a solid aluminum casing and an in-built physical keyboard. Naturally, the aluminum case provides all the dent-proofing you could wish for, all in a sleek-looking package that is also incredibly light, despite being made of metal. This is perfect for taking with you to the office, since the case is so rugged and protective, yet it still looks professional and formal.

On top of that, the iPadmini2case iPad 5 keyboard case itself provides a full set of keys, as you would expect of a laptop or PC, but with the addition of some shortcut keys that cater to speeding up your general iPad 5 use. This means that when you're just using your iPadmini2case bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case to stand up your tablet for watching a YouTube video, you can quickly and efficiently control your sound and track.

The iPadmini2case bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case also allows for easy accessibility to all sockets and buttons around the edge of the iPad 5, as well as allowing access for both cameras. This means that you really don't have to take your iPadmini2case iPad 5 case off for any purpose, as all functionality remains.

So, if you're tired of looking through cases that are average and want to pick up the best product on the market, the iPadmini2case bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case is the ultimate multi-purpose iPad 5 accessory.

Like the sound of the iPadmini2case bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case? Well, if you're looking for the lowest price online, I picked my bluetooth iPad 5 keyboard case up from iPadmini2case.

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